Ключевые факты

Дата основания: Апрель 2000
Количество сотрудников: более 8000

Центры Разработки:
Россия: Москва (Головной офис), Санкт-Петербург, Омск
Украина: Киев, Одесса, Днепропетровск
Польша: Краков
Вьетнам: Хо Ши Мин
Румыния: Бухарест
Мексика: Гвадалахара

США: Нью-Йорк, Сиэтл, Менло Парк
Великобритания: Лондон, Велвин Гарден
Германия: Франкфурт, Фильдерштадт
Швейцария: Цуг

Ключевые клиенты и партнеры:
Dell, Deutsche Bank, Boeing, UBS, Alstom, Sabre Holdings, Nortel, Avaya, IBM, Ping Identity, Jabber, Aepona



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Описание вакансии
Development and support of QML EOS framework for LG webOS TVs
A set of multiple skills from the following list:
- Strong C/C++
- 5+ years of commercial development experience
- 1+ year of experience in QML
- 1+ year of experience with Qt
- Strong CS fundamentals (data-structures, algorithms, design patterns, etc.).
- scripting languages experience (Javascript, Python, bash, shell, Perl, Tcl etc.),
- MS or BS in Computer Science/Mathematics/etc.
- Knowledge of Linux tool development and/or web app framework development
-- IPC
-- multithreading
-- daemons
-- commonly used libraries and interfaces such as STL, boost
-- networking
- Cross platform development
- Contribution to Open source (huge plus!)
- Agile/Scrum
- Communication in English
- Operating systems architecture and design
- Build/Debugging experience
Big pluses:
- experience in embedded systems development (not microcontrollers though)
- experience in writing development support tools such as parsers, profilers, automated testing frameworks etc.
- familiarity with unit, stress, performance test, QoS concepts
Описание вакансии
CoE - dedicated Center of Excellence that represent usability and web design expertise
Graphical design - years 3+
UI design - years 3+
Usability analysis - years 3+
Usability testing - 2+
Usability testing reports creation - 2+
Schematic prototyping - 2+
Clickable prototyping - 2+

Needs to have strong design skills and ability to draw by hand and create rapid sketches of future graphics and layouts

Additionally optional skills:
XAML styles creation and implementation - 2+
JQuery, AJAX - 2+

English - Upper Intermediate/Advanced
Описание вакансии
What is Horizon?
Horizon is a bank wide management information system aimed to show key risk and compliance figures in
a single, user-friendly and intuitive manner using a user experience driven approach.
It is graphically rich and highly intuitive, so instead of PowerPoints and spreadsheets, risk officers and
senior managers can now present risk-related data in a consistent, customisable and instantly accessible
Partnership with Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank. A leader in Germany and Europe, the bank is continuously
growing in North America, Asia and key emerging markets. With more than 100,000 employees in 72
countries, Deutsche Bank offers unparalleled financial services throughout the world.
Luxoft has over 8 years of relationship with DB, grown to 1100 employees on DB projects and become one
of the top DB's IT vendors.
Fast pacing successful project
The application has had four successful releases since October 2011, and currently is being used by 900
people including the Risk Executive Committee and Chief Risk Officer for DB. With the fifth release gone live
Horizon users global amount will grow to 10 000 by the end of 2012.
Horizon is a highly innovative and agile project developed using the latest technology available within the
bank including HTML5, CSS3 and GWT (Google Web Toolkit).
Continuously functionality and usability improvements already led Horizon to iPad as a target platform and
M90 touch screen Lenovo devices support for presentation purposes.
How is it developed?
Horizon is developed by Agile/Scrum teams. This approach enables the program to be delivered in a
fluid way with continued production delivery cycles whilst still maintaining program discipline. Each production
release consists of technical research sprint, one three-week feature development sprints with story
points prioritized by the business before each sprint and user acceptance phase.

In 2014 we aim to improve delivery volume and capacity and split the development teams into multiple streams running separately
to enable releases to happen every few weeks (still maintaining current cycle approach though). By
running the program in this way the business continually get enhancements and functionality delivered.
You and Horizon
Horizon is a project that offers you the perfect combination of exciting product, latest technologies,
friendly team, international communications, and agile methodology.
We're looking for talented and creative IT people aimed to learn new to enhance our growing team
Scrum framework,
Good communication skills
Investment banking background is a big plus
Описание вакансии
Luxoft's customer is planning targeted UI re-design and re-development of serious of web applications. The goal of suggested improvements is to make system more flexible and scalable in aspect of functionality and to meet the latest interface guidelines and general usability principles.
The key drivers pushing Landmark towards a new solution include:
? Improve performance of application. Make it more responsive to end-user.
? Improve usability and look & feel of web applications.
? Make library of UI modules and controls that will be re-used for further applications development.
This project is aimed to investigate and develop a new UI architecture that will achieve the following goals:
? Well-designed products.
? High functional and non-functional quality.
? Platform compliance.
? Clean, modular architecture.
? Reuse and common components
? Make the second product faster to build.
? Mobile ready.
? Extendable by customers/services
• 4+ years of experience in developing Front-End solutions
• HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3
• Drupal/Joomla or similar
• jQuery/Prototype.js or similar
• Issue Tracking (JIRA, Trac, Bugzilla, TestTrack)
• Version Control (Subversion, Perforce, Git)
• Proven success in technical leadership and coaching
• Proven success as team player in previous position(s)
• Expert knowledge of Web UI technologies, frameworks and 3rd party products in different segments (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JS MVC frameworks, Bootstrap, jQuery or similar libraries, modularity and dependency management frameworks, continuous integration, packaging, code analysis, compression and development tools for JavaScript)
• Knowledge of industry recognized architectural patterns and styles (SaaS, SOA, N-Tier, Layered Architecture, MVC/MVVM/MVP, Client-Server, REST, Reactive Applications, synchronous Communication/XHR/WebSockets etc.)
• Knowledge of design patterns, design approaches and concepts (Inversion of Control, Separation of Concerns, Design by Contract, Modularity, Web Components, etc)
• Understanding of software development company functioning
• Understanding of offshore software development specifics
• Proficient knowledge of Agile methodologies (Scrum) and software development life cycles
• Team player
• Detail orientation
• Result orientation
• English upper intermediate level or higher
Описание вакансии
Maintenance and support of current generation of reservoir simulation applications
Design and development of new reservoir simulation features in C++, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Java
Work with product management and other stakeholders to help define and clarify requirements
Participate in the Agile Scrum team, interacting with other team members including Development, Quality Assurance, Business Analysts and Product Management.
- M.S. or Ph.D. in Reservoir Engineering or related field
- 5+ years of experience working/teaching in oil and gas industry
- 5+ years of experience managing development and testing of large software applications.
- 5+ years of experience developing scientific software applications
- Prior experience using or developing reservoir simulation software required

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