Ключевые факты

Дата основания: Апрель 2000
Количество сотрудников: более 8000

Центры Разработки:
Россия: Москва (Головной офис), Санкт-Петербург, Омск
Украина: Киев, Одесса, Днепропетровск
Польша: Краков
Вьетнам: Хо Ши Мин
Румыния: Бухарест
Мексика: Гвадалахара

США: Нью-Йорк, Сиэтл, Менло Парк
Великобритания: Лондон, Велвин Гарден
Германия: Франкфурт, Фильдерштадт
Швейцария: Цуг

Ключевые клиенты и партнеры:
Dell, Deutsche Bank, Boeing, UBS, Alstom, Sabre Holdings, Nortel, Avaya, IBM, Ping Identity, Jabber, Aepona



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Описание вакансии
Development and support of QML EOS framework for LG webOS TVs
A set of multiple skills from the following list:
- Strong C/C++
- 5+ years of commercial development experience
- 1+ year of experience in QML
- 1+ year of experience with Qt
- Strong CS fundamentals (data-structures, algorithms, design patterns, etc.).
- scripting languages experience (Javascript, Python etc.) is a big plus
- MS or BS in Computer Science/Mathematics/etc.
- Knowledge of Linux tool development and/or web app framework development
-- IPC
-- multithreading
-- daemons
-- commonly used libraries and interfaces such as STL, boost
-- networking
- Cross platform development
- Contribution to Open source (huge plus!)
- Agile/Scrum
- Communication in English
- Operating systems architecture and design
- Build/Debugging experience
Big pluses:
- experience in embedded systems development (not microcontrollers though)
- experience in writing development support tools such as parsers, profilers, automated testing frameworks etc.
- familiarity with unit, stress, performance test, QoS concepts
Описание вакансии
CoE - dedicated Center of Excellence that represent usability and web design expertise
Usability analysis - years 3+
Usability testing - 2+
Usability testing reports creation - 2+
Schematic prototyping - 2+
Graphical design - years 3+
UI design - years 3+
Описание вакансии
Trade and Risk Capture application required for the efficient handling interest rates derivatives trades (both voice and electronic), hedged operations with cash trades, receiving on-line risk calculations and processing trades downstream. This includes integration with numerous other applications responsible for providing market data, different types of electronic trades (both external and internal), workflow issues addressing for the front and middle office.

Project technology stack: JavaEE (JPA, JMS), Scala, Oracle Coherence, OSGi, Spring DM, Spring Integration, JBoss Drools, REST services.
1. Strong Java background spanning Java 1.4-1.6 server side development 2+
2. Multithreading, collections 2+
3. Spring framework 2+
4. Hibernate 1+
5. JMS 1+
6. OSGI 1+

Additional Skills / Knowledge (optional)
1. C# 1+
2. Spring Integration
3. Oracle Coherence
4. Web Services
Описание вакансии
The Managed Account Platform services biggest hedge funds within Asset Wealth Management domain of Bank. The main goal of the platform is to provide fast and reliable solution which determines current state of fund portfolio basing on different data providers (Bloomberg, Reuters, various Risk and Analytics services within the Bank), and to reveal compliance issues and potential risks. Technologies used to build the application are Java and Scala on server side, thick .Net client, and Oracle database. Scala is heavily used in parallelization and in data calculations. The project offers an opportunity for a developer to exploit own skills in large Bank strategic solution and to contribute to creation of market leading product.
Proficiency in (and understanding of) techniques and technologies you came across during your professional duties, ideally:

• Scala and ScalaTest
• Test Driven Development
• Java, Junit and Mockito
• Maven/Ant

Demonstrating experience and understanding of following areas will be additional advantage:

• Scala Actors/Akka
• Anorm
• Gradle
• REST services
• Agile
Описание вакансии
Audit management system
This is a bank wide application that will be used to plan and track progress of internal and external audits performed in the bank as well as issues found during audits as well as supporting the workflows of the departments involved.
The primary goal is to track the issues and their resolution plans, helping users to track and coordinate issues resolution. The application needs to generate reports for senior management enabling them to understand the status for the audits and issues resolution across the bank.
The system should be deployed across 80 countries and used in tens of different departments with a global user base of up to 1000 users. Regulatory requirements enforce geographical distribution of the data and related infrastructure, that must still function as a single transparent system.
Technical skills:
Very strong technical knowledge in Java related enterprise frameworks and technologies
• Java Core and Enterprise technologies and standards, ORM’s, full suite of Spring frameworks including but not limited to core, security, web, data etc. Hibernate including envers
• Databases (at Oracle & MS SQL a must, PostgreSQL and DB2 a plus). Database development and deployment tools and approaches
• Deep understanding web development technologies – HTML, CSS, JS. HTTP/HTTPS protocols and balancing technics and it’s standard usage patterns in enterprise environments
• Development tools – build servers, version control systems, build systems
• Good knowledge of Linux
Soft skills:
The position demands an above average soft skill level including
• Leadership qualities – lead & support by example
• Strong hands on experience in mentoring developers & QAs
• Experience in creating and successfully executing qualification development plans for developers
• Experience in communicating with enterprise architectural boards and technical management of the customer from western cultures.
Required personality traits:
• Desire to learn
• Desire to lead
• Curiosity
• The need for constant improvement
A successful candidate must already be in a similar position with at least 2 different teams with a minimum of 10 engineers

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